Ashley Benson, Former ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star, Announces Engagement to Longtime

The Love Story that Started on Set

Ashley Benson, known for her role as Hanna Marin on the hit TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ has recently announced her engagement to her longtime best friend, Brandon Davis. The couple, who have shared a close bond for years, took their relationship to the next level with a romantic proposal. Fans of the actress were thrilled by the news, eagerly anticipating details about the proposal and the stunning engagement ring.

A Friendship Turned into Romance

What started as a close friendship on the set of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ blossomed into a beautiful romance between Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis. The two shared a special bond while working together on the popular show, and their friendship gradually evolved into something more over the years. The announcement of their engagement came as a delightful surprise to fans, who have followed their journey from friends to lovers.

Ashley Benson, Former 'Pretty Little Liars' Star, Announces Engagement to Longtime Celebrity News

The Proposal: A Picture-Perfect Moment

The engagement between Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis was sealed with a romantic proposal that left the actress speechless. Sources close to the couple revealed that Brandon had meticulously planned the moment, ensuring that it would be unforgettable. Taking place at a picturesque location, the proposal was witnessed by close friends and family who couldn’t contain their excitement. The couple’s love and joy radiated through every photograph taken during this momentous occasion.

A Glimpse at the Dazzling Engagement Ring

The stunning engagement ring adorning Ashley Benson’s finger has been the talk of the town since the announcement. Crafted by a renowned jeweler, the ring features a breathtaking diamond surrounded by intricate detailing. The timeless design perfectly complements Ashley’s style and showcases the love and commitment between the couple. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike have been captivated by the ring’s elegance and beauty.

Congratulations Pour In from Friends and Fans

Following the news of Ashley Benson’s engagement, an outpouring of congratulations flooded social media platforms. Friends and co-stars from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ were quick to express their joy and well wishes for the couple. The Hollywood community also joined in, sending their heartfelt congratulations to the soon-to-be-married couple. The overwhelming support and love from fans and colleagues alike serve as a testament to the impact Ashley and Brandon have had on those around them.

As Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis embark on this new chapter in their lives, fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming wedding and the love story that will unfold. The bond between the former ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star and her best friend turned fiancé is a testament to the power of friendship and love that can blossom in unexpected ways. The announcement of their engagement has brought joy to fans around the world, who eagerly await further updates on their journey together.

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