Selena Gomez’s Defiant Stance Post-VMAs: Rising Above Viral Moments

Selena Gomez’s memorable moments during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards not only sent social media into a frenzy but also sparked a resolve in the pop singer. The Internet is no stranger to creating memes, and Gomez, unfortunately, became its target post-VMAs.

Viral Moments at VMAs

The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, witnessed a string of high-profile attendees, vibrant performances, and unexpected moments during this year’s VMAs. Amidst all the glam and glitz, Selena Gomez’s reactions to some of the night’s events caught the public eye.

Confusion was evident on Gomez’s face during Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” performance, a deliberate stage malfunction that seemed to take many by surprise. Social media platforms, especially the platform X (previously known as Twitter), were flooded with reactions. “Selena’s face during Olivia’s performance says it all,” quipped one user.

Gomez’s Clarity on the Situations

Being a seasoned artist in the entertainment world, Gomez didn’t shy away from clarifying the context behind her reactions. Responding to comments on a BuzzFeed Celeb Instagram post, she mentioned a loud noise during Rodrigo’s act that startled her.

Moreover, during the nomination reading for the Best R&B category, her subtle reaction to Chris Brown’s name drew attention. Addressing the buzz around it on an iHeartRadio AU Instagram post, she casually penned, “Who cares lol.”

Selena Gomez's Defiant Stance Post-VMAs: Rising Above Viral Moments Celebrity News

The Shadows of Past Controversies

Chris Brown, whose name was associated with the R&B category, has seen his share of the limelight not only for his music but also for past controversies. His arrest in 2009 for assaulting Rihanna made international headlines, and his tumultuous relationship with the pop star has been a topic of discussion multiple times.

A Night of Triumphs for Gomez

Despite the minor hiccups and discussions surrounding her reactions, Gomez had reasons to celebrate. Bagging the VMA trophy for Best Afrobeats for her collaboration with Rema on “Calm Down” was a moment of honor. She took the opportunity to thank her collaborator, Rema, and expressed her gratitude towards her fans and the love from Nigeria.

Furthermore, this isn’t Gomez’s first tryst with a VMA win. In 2013, she was awarded Best Pop Video for her chartbuster “Come and Get It”.

Candid Moments with Taylor Swift

Beyond the stage and awards, the VMAs also saw Gomez sharing a light-hearted moment with close friend Taylor Swift. Gomez’s Instagram Story featured a playful comparison of their looks for the evening, which was endearing for many fans.

Swift, exuding her ‘Reputation’ era vibes in a black Versace dress, made history with her own set of awards, proving once again her indomitable presence in the music industry.

In conclusion, while the VMAs of 2023 will be remembered for various reasons, Gomez’s declaration of “I will never be a meme again” reminds us of the double-edged sword that fame can be. It’s an invitation for us, the audience, to be more empathetic and understanding towards the celebrities we love.


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